Kat Vernelli is a fantastic resource. Under her guidance, I’ve switched to a healthier diet, while gaining new confidence in the kitchen. Her instructions are always easy to follow and I would recommend her to absolutely anyone looking to eat and live better.
— Tim G

Happy Clients


"Kat is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition. I came to Kat wanting to learn how to make well rounded meals for myself. I am not a great cook and did not know how to make meals that made me feel full while helping me achieve my fitness goals. Kat was so kind and not judgmental at all. She speaks with so much passion, and provides information and recipes in an accessible way that actually got me excited about cooking (a huge feat haha).  I feel so much better throughout the day. My energy levels are up which has enhanced my mood and motivation in other areas of my life. She is also so supportive which encourages me to keep up with it. It helps that the recipes are delicious! I love that she is all about moderation and treating yourself with kindness, and not at all about the number on the scale. It is easier to keep up with healthy eating when you don’t feel like you are being deprived of the things you love.  Thank you so much Kat! I look forward to continuing on this journey with you!"

— Samara Stern


"I met Kat through my membership at Fit Body St. Albert and so very happy I did! She is not only a great person, so friendly and helpful but she helped me get on the road to a clean eating lifestyle and happy as an added bonus losing weight but in a healthy more sustainable way. Thanks Kat!!!"

— Irma S



"I hired Kat to look into my excessive fatigue, and other issues, as well as meal plan for a healthier lifestyle/weighloss. Even though I don't live in the city, she communicated with me over Video chat, email, and phone in order to get a full overview of my needs and concerns. She was extremely thorough, and professional. She definitely cares about her patients, and is knowledgeable in her field. The meals are delicious, and are tailored to my likes/dislikes. I would recommend Katharine, and look forward to more follow ups in the future. Thank you!!"

— Kimberly Yip


"Working with Kat has been amazing! I have completely transformed my eating and approach to all areas of my health.  Kat was extremely supportive during our elimination protocol experience.  She provided advice, recipes, and even a referral to someone who could help us with meal preparation.  The most important aspect for me is that I now think about food in a fresh perspective.  It is fuel for my body.  Who knew that eating protein, healthy fats, veggies and fruit could be so easy and enjoyable?  I know this is my long term eating plan."

— Jane Halford